On the Soul

We live in an age of cynicism.

The advances of science have unlocked a world our ancestors could never have imagined, but they have come at a cost. We are in a trance of materialism; we have been severed from deeper truths.

Our foremost ignorance is of God. Our second is of the soul, the piece of God in man.

The soul is the canvas on which our experience is painted; it is consciousness itself. It is not the sensual experiences you have, nor the thoughts running through your mind- its not emotion, knowledge, memory, or anything within awareness; it is the place this awareness occurs. It is the most fundamental part of our existence, the lens through which all other things are viewed, the invisible soil from which manifestation springs.

This soul is not a mystical entity; it is an immanent Truth. I cannot prove it anymore than I can prove to you that I have consciousness, or that existence exists. No logic can prove itself; existence is self-evident- the soul, being the heart of our existence, is the same. It is a Truth which one must take on faith, faith that these eyes truly see, that this existence which every second unfolds before me is.

The mystical question of our souls is not that they exist, but that they are witnessing our life. Why does my soul animate this ego, this ‘me,’ this flesh and blood and potentials and limits, these desires, these dreams? Why was I not born witnessing the life of Caesar, or Socrates? Why am I not a slave? Why am I not a worm?

This knowledge is beyond us. These eyes which we look through are not ours, but gifts.

Our bodies and our minds are not us, but vessels- we are not creation; we are its witnesses.


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